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Many of us are good at reusing code beyond a certain complexity, but when it comes to writing a "quick" string randomizer, or finding a hash key that corresponds to a maximum value, or traversing a hash structure, etc., we constantly reinvent the wheel. It's worth doing, to keep computationally fit, but some days we could use that extra half an hour.

Next time you rewrite that algorithm, log it here in the scrapbook, and give the gift of time. Post your favorite solutions to common tasks, elegant algorithms worthy of admiration, or truly frightening code to pique the morbid curiosity of the BioPerl community.

If you're looking for an answer and don't see it here, try the HOWTOs, search the BioPerl Archives, or post your question to the listserv (sign up here).

Note: These are donated scraps from various contributors. Please recognize that programming styles may vary widely. If a particular scrap has a bug, feel free to fix the issue by modifying the wiki, but refrain from imposing one's own programming style upon others, with the singular exception that it doesn't follow a Best Practice and may lead to problems down the road (we do have Talk pages for those purposes).

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