Installing BioPerl on FreeBSD

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For the generic instructions, see: Installing BioPerl on Unix.


The easiest way of installing BioPerl in FreeBSD is through the Ports Collection. If you're new to this procedure please take a look at this document. Supposing that you're familiar with this method and that you have an up-to-date ports tree, all you need to do is to execute the following commands as root:

For the BioPerl 1.6.0 Release:

# cd /usr/ports/biology/p5-bioperl
# make install clean

For the BioPerl-run 1.6.0 Release:

# cd /usr/ports/biology/p5-bioperl-run
# make install clean

Due to the great architecture of the ports system, this simple commands will automatically fetch and install the selected BioPerl release (as well as its necessary dependencies).

Note: If you choose to install the BioPerl-run release, this will check for the installation of the core package. If the core package isn't present in the system, it will be automatically fetched and installed.

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