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Jay Hannah exploring biodiversity

Jay Hannah currently resides in Omaha, NE, USA. He has been a professional database/e-commerce data munger since 1996, mostly using Perl. He became a bioinformatics hobbyist late in 2005 when Dr. Dhundy ("Kiran") R. Bastola wandered into an Omaha Perl Mongers meeting seeking some help with BioPerl. Jay and Kiran swapped Perl debugger tips for PCR tutoring, forging a powerful alliance.

In 2006 the SeqLab project was born. It was a ball of Perl that sat on top of BioPerl, NCBI BLAST, bioperl-db, and misc other tools Kiran and colleagues asked for help automating.

In 2007 Jay dropped down to "part time" at his day job to get serious about bionerdary. He took some classes towards a BS in Bioinformatics.

In 2010 Jay launched his own consulting company, Mutation Grid, Inc., then in 2011 joined Infinity Interactive which doesn't focus on bio*, but would happily engage in mercenary BioPerl. We even have a genehack, PhD.

Contact Jay

Former Sciency Time Vortices

Official deafferret IRC logo. jaded: made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience or by surfeit (rationing had put an end to a surfeit of biscuits long ago).
  • CLAB - Collaborative Laboratory for Applied Bioinformatics @ UNO
  • GSAF - Genetic Sequence Analysis Facility @ UNMC

Pre-jaded Hype

  • I wrote an "Intro to BioPerl and SeqLab" presentation and presented at the Omaha Dynamic Language Users group. (Gotta add a link.) I may do modified versions for BIIG (UNO Bioinformatics Interest Group) and Perlcast some day.
From: Jay Hannah
Date: April 6, 2007 3:38:03 AM CDT
To: Blaine Buxton
Cc: Dynamic Language Users Group, SeqLab mailing list
Subject: DynaLUG - BioPerl & SeqLab

Howdy Blaine --

I should probably outline my talk proposal for you. For now here's my contact information
and the projects I mentioned @ SIG-Borders Tuesday night.

Thanks for the interest! I spend most of my time trying not to get super-hyped when I talk
about bioinformatics because its far too nerdy for most casual conversations in the general
public. My barber and my wife have no idea what I'm talking about and have a hard time 
groking my code samples. -grin-  No one ever asks the opposite question "what excites you 
about X?" like you did. Rest assured I'd get excited presenting the tools I'm using as I 
attempt to dive into a genetics career.  :)

Any month is fine. I'm in no rush. Cheers,

Developer, SeqLab: 
Leader, Omaha Perl Mongers:
Neophyte, BioPerl: 
Attendee, BIIG:              ...who knows where this website went...

Notes To Self

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