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Note: Posts to the mail lists are archived and publicly available for searching; do not assume they are private correspondence. They are indexed by many popular search engines such as Google. The main BioPerl mail list is also indexed by a number of mailing list archives, including Nabble and Gmane.


Main BioPerl list

  • Unmoderated list for general discussion of BioPerl modules, current & future efforts, and related topics. All questions about the project or a module should be posted here
  • Google Groups mirror
  • List information and subscription page bioperl-l
  • List archive

Search the Mailing Lists

  • Search the Bioperl mailing lists:
    • The Open-Bio engine
    • Gmane - Search Gmane : most up-to-date, but lacks posts older than Dec. 2002
    • Google engine : has many older posts dating back to the inception of bioperl. It may not contain the most up-to-date posts (for that use Gmane) but can be easier to search.
    • Nabble : seems to be up-to-date, too, and goes back to Dec. 2005.
  • Mailing list summaries

BioPerl announcement list

BioPerl guts list

Other lists

Other resources

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