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A beginner to Bioinformatics work, I began investigating the field in an effort to help my fiance, a Graduate Student at Washington State University to learn to use Bioinformatics software such as PAUP, Garli, and RAxML. I began investigating Perl solutions when we ran into the PHYLIP output from Paup not loading into RAxML due to formatting issues.

I initially began looking into the Bio::Phylo modules, but found Bio::Perl was more mature, and already did much of what I was interested in working on. I plan to begin work on a Run_package module to interface BioPerl with RAxML.

About Me

My name is Jeff Craig, and I graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in May of 2006. Since that time, I have worked in Systems Administration and Web Programming for a Customer Apparel Company in Spokane, WA, and have now followed my fiance to Pullman, WA, where I work for the Washington State University Registrar's Office as a Web Programmer.

I am a long time supporter and user of Open Source software, and have been programming in Perl for five years. In an effort so provide support to my fiance's research efforts, I have found BioPerl, and hope to contribute to the success of this project. I am a strong believer that the tools used for scientific inquiry should be as available as possible to anyone who would seek to use them, and thus favor FLOSS software for use in the scientific fields.

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